High-tech hospital forum - Summary in English

The Finnish high-tech hospital is a forum where experts on hygiene and cleanliness can meet and change experiences. The forum promotes hygiene management in health care sector and industry by networking hospitals, companies, institutes and individuals in Finland and internationally.

The central actors of the forum, coordinated by Tamlink Ltd., include several research projects, networks and associations related to hospital hygiene. The two main projects funded by the Finnish National Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES), HT-hospital research and HT-hospital company group, include five hospitals, eight companies and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

The main task of the forum is to organise international events like working groups meetings and seminars. Besides, the task is to disseminate the results achieved in the two HT-hospital projects and to benchmark best practices in hospitals and high-tech industry like pharmaceutical and electronics.

Projects and cooperation networks relating to High-tech hospital forum.